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Self Embedded Office VOIP PBX with Voice Mail, IVR Auto Attendant
with Business 2 Line IP Full Duplex / Full Featured Speaker Phone

 Don't Pay Hosting Fees. Host your own voice and data converged VOIP system with all the features you want!

Tomorrows technology is here today. Get your company or organization up to speed with our fantastic PBX offering. 6 FXO and 2 FXS means 8 Rj-11 Standard Jacks for simple connections of up to 6 analog telephone lines and up to 2 analog extension phones or devices (also connect up to 100 IP phones with 1 Premier Business Full-Duplex Speaker Phone included and others optional for a low price). Also, you may use remote or in office soft phones and USB phones. Note: Additional Premier DataLabsUSA 2 line SIP compatible Business Phones available for only $119.00 for a limited time or save when buying additional quantities.


Simple Installation for the "Do it your-selfer" - Now compatible with regular analog lines and analog adapters such as Vonage, Comcast, Verizon, ATT, Embarque, FIOS, etc... PBX is also compatible with SIP Lines, standard analog and IP phones. Has Remote Extensions! PBX and IP Phone connects to your wideband Modem or Router . The system does not require a computer to operate. The PBX simply connects to your Lan or Wan with included ethernet cable with 2 built-in RJ-45 Jacks. Enjoy 120 Hours of High Quality Voice Mail Message Storage with built in 1 GB Flash Memory!

There is a built-in intuitive GUI easy screen that can display on your PC to set up or make changes using the outside internet or your own LAN or Wan network. IP Phone also connects to a Lan or Wan. That's the dynamic nature of VOIP based PBX and IP phones. You may connect PBX and IP phones anywhere you have a wideband network and have extensions with flexible numbering anywhere on the internet. You may make intercom calls, transfers, and conferences with crystal clarity. You decide which lines make which extensions ring and set IVR auto attendants for any lines whether SIP or Analog. SIP lines may save you money compared to standard phone lines and you can use either type. Think of it. A caller calls into one of your numbers and the system answers and the caller hears one of your IVR greetings. The caller then dials a number and an IP phone rings 5000 miles away, or in your office. And if it's busy, the caller can be automatically put on hold to wait for you to pick up and after a set time goes to another extension, an outside phone like a cell phone or goes to voice mail. The voice mail can light up the message indicator on your phone and also send the voice mail to any email account you wish. While on hold, the caller hears your music on hold file which does not require an external music on hold player. Everything needed is built in to this amazing VOIP PBX.



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Small & Medium Size Business
During Data Labs Sellathon!

BRAND NEW  -- Professional Business Office VOIP IP PBX --

One (1) DataLabsUSA XTREAM DL-3080 + 1 DL-302 IP Business Phone
6 FXO and 2 FXS Ports and SIP line Compatible
Business Telephone Combo System Includes IP PBX with small footprint heavy metal shielded case, Voice Mail, IVR Auto Attendant, Follow Me, Queing, Conference Rooms, Music On Hold, on or off premise extensions and dedicated fax line! Network failure fallback analog ports prevents lost calls.

The most amazing feature of our VOIP PBX DL-3080 is "Voice Mail to Email". Voice mail left by callers can be automatically sent to your email account and each extension can have its own e-mail account). Also, message waiting indicators on IP phones are standard with the DataLabsUSA VOIP PBX! Never miss a voice mail!


We are really excited!  Compare Data Labs own brand DataLabsUSA VOIP DL-3080 Complete Telephone system with the competition. Now is your chance to buy direct from the manufacturer. This is a remarkable deal. This self contained unit --includes: compatibility with SIP lines, 6 Analog Phone Lines and 2 analog phones and up to 100 IP phones (Phones are optional with 1 Premier business 2 line IP phone shown included). Soft phones and USB phones are also compatible, inexpensive, and available everywhere. Our High quality 2 Line Business IP Full-Duplex Speaker Phone comes with the system with others available as an option. (Call 215-698-2933 for details). The PBX has its own dial tone, built in Music on Hold, and extensive routing, forwarding, transferring and up to 10 conference rooms.  This system allows a single line access to up to 6 incoming telephone lines or 30 SIP lines and up to 100 IP extensions. This single unit includes a state of the art industry standard Professional Voice Mail / IVR Auto Attendant System with Music On Hold. You will love its capabilities rivaling $3000.00 units made by companies like Nortel, Avaya, Lucent, and Panasonic.

This New VOIP Telephone System is compatible with all popular protocols and takes very low power (only 5 watts) to operate and does not require a PC to operate -- only to set up. It is ideal for small to medium size offices. Join the thousands of happy end-users of DataLabsUSA systems. GREAT FOR REALTY OFFICES, ATTORNEYS, Doctors and Dentists, Churches and Synagogues, Consultants, Computer Firms, Support Centers, Sales and Service Businesses where access by callers to inside and remote phones are the lifeblood of the business. Now get quality equipment with industry standard features for less than 1/4th the average industry cost.

Since the PBX is self contained and 100% digital, NO PC IS REQUIRED WHILE OPERATING THIS SYSTEM. The PBX has EPROM FLASH MEMORY and an included 1 GB flash memory card is installed to back up settings and voice mail and IVR prompts providing industry standard safety. So, you never have to worry about losing your Settings, Voice Mail, or IVR messages. The system has a whopping 120 hours of message time. The DataLabsUSA DL-3080 XTREAM VOIP PBX system can also be programmed remotely, or by using any extension phones. Voice Mail / Auto Attendant / Audiotex Programming is extension and GUI (graphic user interface) based and provides great flexibility for your application. You may use IP phones as extensions connected to the internet anywhere in your office or anywhere in the world and those extensions become part of the system. All operating and security protocols are in place for your company's flexibility and safety.


There are mailboxes for every extension and and up to 120hr. of high quality message storage .  The system can easily be programmed for day and night operation. Set it up with an intuitive GUI from your PC and use the included manual on CD.

Phone support is available, but we can not support problems with your ISP provider, phone companies or your LAN network. There are too many fantastic options to list in a single advertisement and no additional equipment is required except your network modem or router and / or switches.  You may set up a customized IVR menu system which helps your business sound and function like a Fortune 500 Company. Not only will your callers be impressed, but your overall office efficiency will rise dramatically.



DataLabs put the DataLabsUSA XTREAM VOIP PBX-DL-3080 Phone System to rigorous testing. Programming is simple and intuitive using the built-in Graphic User interface (GUI). The voice quality of greetings and messages we saved were as loud, crisp and clear as the most expensive telephone company systems. Caller ID to ringing and to transferred extensions is standard. The included IP Business Phone has all the features you can think of including full featured hands free full duplex speaker phone, speed dialing, large call directory, call park and pickup, large backlit displays and integrated queing, voice mail indicators, voice mail to email and much more.

This dataLabsUSA VOIP IP PBX can make your business sound ultra professional at that all important time -- your customers first contact. Assigned ringing settings, mail box functions, audiotex information menus, ring count, Extension cascading, camping on, new mail notification, recipient extensions of caller keypresses, and all other important settings are easily set. Settings may be changed on the fly for the dynamic business. You may program it via phone extension, GUI or with remote (outside internet GUI) programming.


This equipment (PBX and Phone) has Superior Quality Cool Running Digital Circuitry!


Simply Connect IP Phones to any Router or Modem with the phone's built-in RJ-45 Ethernet jack and supplied ethernet cable!

Programming is a snap with built-in GUI (PC USER INTERFACE) and an EASY operating manual on CD which explains the operation of the PBX  / Voice Mail / IVR system. The manual will show you how to set up mail boxes, dedicate extensions to different lines, set ring count, and all other functions with step by step procedures. There are Greeting Only Audiotex Messages available when you want to inform your caller. You can easily set up a layered menu system for callers as well as direct extension dialing w/ voice mail when the extension called doesn't answer, is busy, or has "Do Not Disturb" set. You may set up IVR to transfer to extensions and follow me to cell phones and voice mail.

We have made this so easy that you may not need a telephone installer to set up this system. It's simply Plug n' play and then add your own personal options to the GUI with help from the DataLabsUSA exclusive Step by Step programming manual on CD. No longer is VOIP for network engineers using clunky power hungry PC's and interface cards and all kinds of compromises. NO... Now it's all in one single low power easy to use Flash PBX with no fan or hard drive. We can only offer limited support for this system for special options may require special networking abilities of the user during setup. We will answer general support questions though at no charge for 90 days.

Simply a Great Price!

Regular VOIP PBX Retail Price -- $2499.00
Deluxe Business 2 Line SIP IP Phone included with full features-- $159.00

Combo Total MSRP = $2658.00
Compare Quality and Functions with $2000.00 - $4000.00 Systems.


$AVE 70% Limited Time
During Data Labs SELLATHON!

Get VOIP PBX and IP Business Phone bundled together!
Note: Additional IP Business Phones available for a limited time for only $119.00


NOW ONLY $599.00 Bundle
Limited Time Offer

 Add Shipping / Handling / Ins
 Including PBX and 1 Premier 2 line Full featured Business IP Phone (shown above)! 
Brand New In Box

This is not a closeout. -- This is a direct offer from the manufacturer (DataLabs) for this DataLabsUSA PBX w/ Voice Mail with IVR Auto Attendant and Audiotex System with Premier business multi-line phone-- brand new with complete CD documentation and GUI interface software! And there is a limited 1 year warranty on both units (1 year - Parts - 90 days Labor). Now buy at the same price now offered to telephone interconnect and telecommunication companies for resale. This price may be rescinded at any time to protect the growing number of companies buying this DataLabsUSA VOIP telephone system for resale to their customers throughout the United States and Canada.


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