Four Line 24 extension PBX / PABX Upgradeable

DataLabsUSA DL- 424-832 Upgradable PBX Telephone System w/ Auto Attendant!

The PBX 424 - 832 is packed with all of the following features and more:

Key Features          

DL 424-832 pbx
 - same as new DL-416-832 PBX, but expanded to 24 extensions and upgradeable to 6 or 8 lines and 32 extensions


  • NEW - Caller Id Compatible - caller id passed to assigned ringing extensions on most caller id boxes and most phones with caller id displays. Add our NEW LOW COST 4 or 8 line caller id transfer card upgrade and caller id is passed to transferred extensions and provides internal intercom CID.
  • 4 Lines 24 extensions - Connects up to 4 Telephone lines from the CO (Central office of the Telephone Company). These are normal loop start analog telephone lines like you have in your home or average office (the kind you hear dial tone on with a regular touch tone phone). Connect up to 24 telephones or other equipment to the DL- 424 - 832 PBX telephone system - Perfect for the "SOHO" home or small to medium size business. Allows room to grow with optional plug in modules that extend the system to 8 incoming lines and up to 32 extensions.
  • Basic 3 Part Auto Attendant - This let's you record a 60 second OGM (outgoing message) to say 'press 601 for sales, 602. for service, 603. for billing...0 for the Operator, etc. and when pressed rings to the correct extension. 3 Part OGM tells the caller when the extension is busy or not answered. You may leave these features disabled when using our EVM series Auto Attendant and Voice Mail equipment.
  • Connects to standard analog equipment - You may connect standard "off the shelf" Analog Phones, answering machine(s), fax machines, POS systems, and computer modems to any extension. Also, you may connect DatalabsUSA Voice Exec Voice Mail / Full Featured Auto Attendant equipment to the system.
  • NEW - Busy or No Answer Forwarding to any extension controlled by each extension user - sends an incoming call to another extension when you are on the phone or do not answer.
  • NEW All Metal Case is Rack and wall mountable with brackets and wall template included
  • NEW HD SOUND - Crisp and hum free
  • NEW Switching power supply built in connects to 110-220VAC
  • Standard touch tone phones - uses any standard touch tone phones -- even multi line, cordless, or speaker phones. No Need to pay more for special proprietary phones.
  • Incoming Ring Assignment (16 extensions may be set to ring for any or all CO lines for incoming calls at the same time or in groups. NEW - PBX may have 4 groups of extensions to separate departments and transfers may ring to all the extensions in the group (Very Important).
  • Outgoing line assignment allows any extension to use any or all lines for outgoing calls.
  • Auto line seize - pick up the phone and get outside dial tone or dial 9 option on any extension.
  • Easy RJ-11 standard connector jacks built -in for fast connections of all C0 lines and extension phones and equipment. No Hard wiring means that you do not need a telephone installer. -- "Great for the Do It Yourselfer"
  • Dedicated fax line(s) or private line(s) lets you use incoming line for fax only or for personal use with option of sharing the line for any or all extensions outgoing calls.
  • Do Not Disturb - may be set to any extension.
  • Easy password protected programming on operator extension 601 and 602 uses touch tone phone to program - This is a self contained system with no computer needed to program.
  • NEW - CO Line supervision Detection is Voice Mail Friendly - Signals the optional Voice Mail system that a caller has hung up.
  • Data Labs provides 1 year limited warranty on Parts and 90 days on Labor and FREE 90 days Customer Support. (not that you will need it).
  • Extension Extension Privacy Assured! - PBX prevents picking up a line that is in use. This also prevents interruption of fax or data line in operation.
  • NEW - Monitoring Feature allows select extensions to Monitor other extensions and conference with those extensions.
  • Music On Hold Built-In Melody or use External Source to play music when a party is on hold or being transferred.
  • PA OUTPUT JACK - permits any extension to broadcast to a connected PA or Stereo System.
  • Hold for up to 6 minutes (adjustable) - holds a caller with "music on hold"! (call may be picked up at any time or will ring back after 6 minutes)
  • Transfer - transfer Outside callers to any extension using a supervised or unsupervised (blind) transfer.
  • Conference - with 2 outside lines using the 3 way calling feature of the Line(s) with ability to flash the outside line or conference using PBX inside and outside conference features.
  • Secretarial Call - place an outside call and then transfer to an extension.
  • Intercom Calling - call station to station without using an outside line.
  • Call Forwarding to another extension ! - allows extension user to forward all incoming calls to another assigned ringing extension!
  • NEW Internal Call Waiting allows you to switch calls when a new call is ringing into your extension!


These PBX's are moving fast. Get your business up to speed today and SAVE! . Remember -- You also get a limited 1 year parts warranty, 90 days Labor, and FREE Customer Support from Data Labs (2nd to none for support). All Sales are Final. Any approved returns must have an RA# and will have a 30% restocking fee. Also, buyer is responsible for all shipping, handling, and Insurance both ways.

This is Our Newest 4 line - 24 extension (extendible to 8 lines - 32 extensions) DataLabsUSA PBX you have all been asking for. We listened and created this PBX with all the features your SOHO business needs. And it is compatible with our DataLabsUSA EVM-2xa, 2xa+, 2xv+ and EVM-8x Voice Mail / Auto Attendant Systems.

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DataLabs Means Business Since 1982! We have customer support second to none and our DataLabsUSA Telecom equipment is manufactured to the highest standards but sells at the best price!.

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Four Line 24 extension PBX / PABX Upgradeable
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