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What Is: Advanced Call Management

Advanced call management (or advanced call routing) is the process of queuing and directing incoming phone calls to predetermined extensions defined by ‘call handling automation’ rules set up within a VoIP system.

The technology that does the routing is cloud-based, works by boolean logic using AI reasoning and can handle many channels at once.

Plus, advanced call management is just as applicable in a self-service or agent-based context.

Benefits of Advanced Call Management

The goal of investing in advanced call management is to provide an optimal customer experience. Customer satisfaction is a key determinant of existing account retention and new business conversion.

Here are some immediate benefits:

  • Reduce wait times
  • Align appropriately trained staff with each customer call
  • Avoid missed calls
  • Better workload balance for your team members

How advanced call management works in practice

Advanced call management is achieved by two VoIP system tools working in tandem: ACD (automatic call distributor) + IVR (interactive voice response). So, advanced call management is not a function in itself, but rather the outworking of a couple of tools working together.

Here’s a quick 1-2 step of how advanced call management works:

  1. A caller places an incoming call and is met with IVR instructions, directing them to provide answers to some qualifying questions relating to their reason for calling. For example, when calling a holiday booking company a customer might be me with the following pre-recorded audio message “Are you calling about an existing booking? Press 1. Or if you’d like to make a booking or ask some questions about an arrival? Press 2.” This kind of interaction is power by an IVR.
  2. According to the input of the caller, in the case of the example above – either pressing 1 or 2, the automatic call distributor passes the caller onto the most appropriate extension to be dealt with by an available agent. All you have to do is record the IVR message, and programme the choices to action the desired call routing.
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